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Featured AI Sires

LT Affinity 6221 PLD

Five generations of high udder score females highlight Affinity's pedigree. Affinity was our 2017 Bull Sale high seller at $100,000. He will add depth, width, flank, and scrotal with excellent pigment. 
BW: 88 lbs.
AWW: 817 lbs., Ratio: 101
AYW: 1382 lbs., Ratio: 108
SC: 41 cm
IMF Ratio: 117, REA Ratio: 111
LT Authority 7229 Pld.jpg

LT Authority 7229 Pld

Current EPDs and pedigree information
The 2018 LT Bull Sale record and high seller is becoming an outcross calving-ease leader. Breeders nationwide report moderate birth weights and excellent phenotype. Use his sons to improve natural fleshing ability, add depth and width, expand scrotal size and give you females to build a herd around. His dam has weaned off four calves at an average weaning ratio of 108. Progeny sales this spring reflect his appeal to stockmen. The real deal from calving to quality. Homozygous polled.

LT Rushmore 8060 PLD

LT Rushmore is rock solid...Rushmore carves out a rock-solid, across the board EPD profile from calving-ease to carcass. He is a full brother to LT Brenda 6120, the dam of LT Ledger. We have used him for his calving ease, temperament and doing-ability. With data in multiple herds, his progeny are cropping up - solid as a rock.

RMB Fargo Y111

RMB Fargo is outcross, proven genetics. Use to improve feet, natural muscle and udder shape.
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